Payment methods

1. Payment by bank transfer:

When you make purchases online, your email address will be automatically generated. An email is sent to your email address where you can make a bank transfer. In the payment order, specify the order number or invoice number.

Our bank details:

UAB SupakuotaLT95 7290 0000 1646 7070, Citadele (SWIFT - INDULT2X)LT95 7300 0101 3653 4382, Swedbank (SWIFT - HABALT22)LT36 7044 0600 0797 9058, SEB pank (SWIFT - CBVILT2X)

2. Electronic bank and credit/debit cards:

You will be able to choose the method of payment during the checkout. You can pay through the following electronic banking systems and credit/debit cards:

Credit/debit cards

3. Payment to the courier at the time of delivery (cash or card):

All customers who choose the Courier delivery method can pay for their order during delivery, in cash or by card. After delivery, the courier will take an amount equal to the final amount of the order (including VAT), and issue an order for the receipt of funds. Or will serve through a bank card scanner and provide a copy of the check. This payment service costs €1.50. At the request of the courier service, we always ask our customers to have an equal amount of cash in cash payments, in order to avoid any problems due to their acceptance and delivery.

0% VAT rate.

Web shop's owner is "UAB Supakuota", which has valid VAT ID registered in Lithuania. For that reason, if you are VAT payer inside European Union, you can make purchases with 0% VAT rate. If you would like to buy with 0% VAT rate, you have to register in our online shop and place an order. You can also do so via phone +372 880 4208 or e-mail in order to place the order. If the order is already delivered to you and you received invoice with normal VAT rate, get in touch by email or phone so that the invoice can be corrected.