About us

PaperSeal is an open and friendly shipment and decorative packaging retail company. We want our clients to become our friends, and we do everything to make the experience as convenient as possible. That’s why you can contact us in any way that’s appealing to you – give us a call, shoot an email, shop online or pop by one of our physical stores. We value each and every client of ours and are happy to be helping out a wide variety of companies – those that are making their first steps in retail, unique niche brands, and successful corporations. We keep our range in stock at all times, so your last minute needs are no problem for us. Our swift couriers will get your order to your desired address within 1 business day, while friendly staff in our stores will hand your items to you in an instant. Another thing that we highly prioritize at PAPER SEAL is our home – the planet Earth. We aim to go 100% green; thus we choose to supply you with materials that either is or can be recycled. And while it’s not our direct business to tell you what to do with used packaging, we do encourage you to reuse it if you can. We founded PaperSeal because we love making things better. Try our services and experience the result of our effort yourself!

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The fastest and most convenient way to shop. All our items sold in one place, real stock remnants, detailed product descriptions, high-quality photos and, of course, one-day delivery. Constantly investing in the best possible shopping experience, we suggest you try PaperSeal e-shop. The seal says, that you definitely like it.


We respect your time, old habits or just principles. We accept orders in the traditional way. You can submit them via e-mail to info@paperseal.lv (on working days we respond to your letters in 1-2h) or by phone +371 (661) 63 268.